De signis caeli

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The star-catalogue "De signis caeli" is a short résumé of the Aratus Latinus . In the manuscripts it is often ascribed to Bede the Venerable. The work is also referred to as 'Scholia Bernensia' after the manuscript in Bern (Burgerbibliothek, Cod. 88), where it accompany as scholia as it is also found on the margins of some copies of Cicero’s Aratea. This text was used by Hrabanus Maurus (780 – 856) in his De computo.


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      Lost manuscripts

    • Vatican, Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana, Pal. lat. 1417 online (s. XImid). Today the manuscript contains only the Liber Nimrod (ff.1r-19v), but the 15th c. table of content on the bottom of f. 1r lists: Libellus pulcer Besde de situ et dispositione stellarum et signorum coeli; libellus seu tractatus Ptolemei regis ad sciendum horas diei et noctis; tractatus de distinctione climatum mundi et de terminis VII climatum. According to Livesey Rouse (‘Nimrod the Astronomer’, Traditio 37 (1981): 203–66) this MS belongs to the German family of Liber Nimrod and was copied in the first half of the eleventh century.
    • The editio princeps (Hervagius, Opera Bedae Venerabilis, I, Basileae 1563 (reprint 1612), pp. 375-376) was based on a now lost manuscript, and is hence an important witness (marked with the siglum 'h' in Dell'Era's edition).