Anonymus Sangallensis

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Maass first edited the text from the St. Gall Ms 250 (s. IX4/4), hence giving it the name Anonymus Sangallensis. In two of the manuscripts this text is immediately followed by the De astronomia more christiano. Le Bourdellès discovered the two texts in other manuscripts, the oldest being Valenciennes, BM, Ms 343, and so argued that they were composed in a scriptorium in Northern France, and more particularly Corbie.

Incipit: Herodius dicit helicem licaonis fuisse filiam ...

Explicit: ... absides eius ultima in capricorno est.


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  • Manuscripts

    In Leiden, UB, VLQ 75 and Munich, BSB, Clm 14569 (ff. 29r-32v) only More christiano.