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Siena, Biblioteca comunale, L IV 25

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Siena, Biblioteca comunale, L IV 25

Revised Aratus Latinus

Papier — — Italy — s. XV


Paper Lagen: The four bifolia are now in the wrong textual order. They should be read as follows: ff. 1, 2, 7, 3, 4, 8, 5, 6, containing thus the sections on Hercules to Capricornus.

Selected bibliography: Blume, Dieter, Mechthild Haffner, and Wolfgang Metzger. Sternbilder des Mittelalters und der Renaissance. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2016, pp. 732-734. — Photographs in the Warburg, Iconographic Database. — Lippincott, K. Entry in Saxl Project. — McGurk, Patrick. Astrological Manuscripts in Italian Libraries (Other than Rome). London, 1966. — Reeve, Michael D. “Some Astronomical Manuscripts.” Classical Quarterly, 1980, 508–22.

1r-8v Revised Aratus Latinus (fragments). Serpentem a iunonem ad custodienda aurea mala … — … ((8v) Pisces: ) sunt omnes quadraginta unam ( (6v) Aquarius: ) de qua prefati sumus habet stellas. Capricornus. Illustrations of 25 constellations, drawn in brown pen and the highly-coloured. For detailed descriptions and an analysis of the iconographic tradition see Lippincott and Blume.