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Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. 338

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Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibliothek, 338

Composite manuscript

Parchment — — Trier / Würzburg — s. X

Germanicus, Aratea

Parchment Lagen: According to Meier pp. 1-271 are regular quaternios with quire marksa-h. On the second part visible on the microfilm are quire marks I to VIII on pp. 285, 301, 317, 333, 349, 365, 381, 397 (all verso), which suggests one quire of 14 leaves (pp. 272-285) and seven quires of 16 leaves (pp. 286-397).Paginated 1-455 with 1, 162 and 163 used twice (here the second time marked with *). Written in 18-19 lines in one column. Smith gives written space: Schriftraum: 90 × 70 mm In the Aratea. each verse is written on a separate line starting with versals. Some initials for section were left unexecuted; the sections on constellations are divided by empty line inserted after the corresponding verses or alternatively by marginal note as in the case for Cassiepia and Andromeda, Deltoton.

White leather on wood with one clasp, which is now lost (Smith).

Herkunft: The manuscript was written in s. X in Germany or Switzerland. — Since thes. XIV the manuscript is kept in the Stiftsbibliothek in Einsiedeln cf. the note bz a 14th-century hand on p. 457 Gehört gan Einsidlen disses büchl in das gotthuss LXI° (Smith).

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1 Three lines with the Greek alphabet with the corresponding Roman numerals placed above the letters.

1*-272 Boethius: Commentaria in Porphyrium. Boethii expositio secunda in ysagogen. Secundus hic arreptae expositionis labor nostrae seriem translationis expediet … — … ad praedicamenta seruanti. Ancii Manlii severini boetii v. c. et ill. excons. ord. patritii in ysagoga porphirii id est interpretatione in categorias a se translatas editionis secunde liber V explicit feliciter. Tibi pax amen. Interlinear and marginal annotations (partly cut off due to rebinding). Diagrams to Book V.

272*(recto)-301 Priscianus: De figuris numerorum. De figuris numerorum priscianus gramaticus symacho. Omnite symmache nobilitatis splendore celebratem … — … quadriangulum quinquangulum saxangulum et simlia. De figuris nvmerorum liber singularis prissciani grammatici caesariensis explicit. Few marginal notations and underlined phrases.

301-322 Priscianus: De metris fabularum Terentii. Incipit eiusdem de metris fabularum terentii et aliorum comicorum Prisciani sophistae ars prae exertitaminum secundum hermogenem uel libanium explicit feliciter. Cum non colum terentius sed etiam Plautus et ennius ac cuisque et naeuius.

323-356 Priscianus: Praeexercitamina. Incipiunt eiusdem praeexercitamina de fabula. quod neque potest fieri decent quando dicimus quod inglorium est.

356-410 Rufinus: Commentaria in metra Terentiana. Commentarium rufini uiri clari gramatici antiochensis in metra terentiana. Euanthius in commentario terentii de fibula hoc est de comoedia sic dicit … — … non consulebat. ITEM. Nec rei publicae cosuluisti nec amicis profuisti nec inimicis restitisti. Commentarium rufini in metra terentiana finit feliciter.

411 left blank. Underlines of an image of a human figure with drapery (roman style?), holding in the left hand something like a rotulus, while the right hand is bended in front of the chest; note on the upper most pageabauus.

412 is a recto left blank.

412*-455 Germanicus: Aratea(Family Z with Fragments III and II. Ab ioue principium magno deduxit aratus | carminis at nobis … — … Festinare putes nunc pigro sidere sumpto. On several places misplaced verses: after v. 64 come vv. 90-95, then vv. 71-89, 96-208; 224-247, 209-223, 256-268, 248-255, 276-285, 387-393, 315-386, 414-725. Few interlinear glosses.