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Berlin, Staatsbibliothek, Ms. Phill. 1832

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Berlin, Staatsbibliothek, Phill. 1832

De temporibus - Chronik

Alte Signatur: Meermannus 130 — Pergament — — Laon / Reims — s. IX3/3

Digital facsimile available at StaBi Digitalisierte Sammlungen

De ordine ac positione

Excerptum de astrologia

Germanicus, Aratea

Scholia Basileensia

Herkunft: Contreni has established that this manuscript was written in Laon. The hand of Laon's famous scholasticus Martin of Laon can be seen in corrections to the text and glosses of Bede, De natura rerum. He further suggested that it was Martin who prepared the commentary and glosses to the De temporum ratione for a successor teacher. The book itself was a master's own copy that would presumably pass to the hand of the next school master after Martin's death. In addition to Laon Borst also suggested Reims as a possible place of production. Both agree that the manuscript was written around the year 873 (the annus praesent is incorporated five times in the glosses for Bede, De temporum ratione). — Previously owned by the Parisian Jesuits, as was also Berlin MS Phill. 1830. At that time they comprised a single codex (Jes. 633), which belong in s. XI to the Abbey of St. Vincent in Metz [Rose, Verzeichniss der lateinischen Handschriften I, Berlin 1893, p. 287-293].

Sternbilder des Mittelalters, pp. 208-213. — Contreni, J. "John Scottus, Martin Hiberniensis, the Liberal Arts, and Teaching." Insular Latin Studies: Papers on latin Text and Manuscripts of the British Isles 550-1066. Ed. M. W. Herren. Toronto, 1981, pp. 23-44, reprint in Contreni, Carolingian Learning, Masters and Manuscripts. Collected Studies Series, Variorum, 1992: VI, pp. 1-22. — Borst, Schriften. Vol. 1, p. 215.

Part I

1r-9r Bede: De natura rerum.

9v-14v Bede: De temporibus.

Part II

81r Excerptum de astrologia.

81v-85v De ordine ac positione. Illustrations of the constellation, see the iconographical analysis in Sternbilder des Mittelalters. Marginal annotations drawing from Servius.

Part III

86r-92v Germanicus: Aratea. Scholia Basillensia.