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Aratea Digital 2

North-east France, Reims (?)

… The manuscript has been labeled as a ninth-century by Leonardi, Fischer and Borst, and as a tenth-century by B. Bischoff (Katalog I, p. 49). H. Hoffmann (Bamberg Handschriften, p. 136), who could recognise all three hands working in the manuscript also in other Reims manuscripts, considered it a production of the Reims scriptorium from the …


Aratea Digital 2

… or Reims

… can be seen in corrections to the text and glosses of Bede, De natura rerum. He further suggested that it was Martin who prepared the commentary and glosses to the De temporum ratione for a successor teacher. The book itself was a master's own copy that would presumably pass to the hand of the next school master after Martin's death. In addition to Laon Borst also suggested Reims as a possible place of production. Both agree that the manuscript was written around the year 873 (the annus praesent is incorporated five times in the glosses for Bede, De temporum ratione).…


Aratea Digital 4

Reims (?), …

… . This indicate either that this quire once preceded the third quire or that it belonged to another manuscript. The slight differences in the layout (dimensions of the written space) give some preferences for the second suggestion and so in this description ff.34-41 are listed as a separate codicological unit 3. The first 41 folios were copied in Reims

… Codicological unit 4 on quire VI (ff.42-49) was written probably inReims in …

… Codicological unit 5 on quire VII (ff.50-62) was written inReims in …