London, British Library, Cotton MS Tib. C. I (draft description)


Cicero, Aratea with scholiae; Germano-Roman Pontifical

Aratea text: Cicero, Aratea; Hyginus, De astronomia

Parchment — fols. — — Peterborough — 1120-1135


History: The first part of the manuscript (containing Cicero's Aratea) was originally bound together with Harley MS 3667 from the Benedictine abbey of St Peter, St Paul, and St Andrew, Peterborough, and was possibly written between 1120-1135 (see Ker, 'Membra Disiecta' (1938).

Selected Bibliography:BL digital catalogue entry. — Blume, Dieter, Mechthild Haffner, and Wolfgang Metzger. Sternbilder des Mittelalters. Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2012, pp. 314-320. — Reeve, Michael D. “Some Astronomical Manuscripts.” Classical Quarterly, 1980, 508–22. — Lippincott, K. Entry in Saxl Project. — Ker, Neil R., ‘Membra disiecta’, British Museum Quarterly, 12 (1937–38), 130-35 (p. 132).

Part I (ff. 1r-42v)

1r-v Originally left blank, modern table of content added on f. 1r.

2r-4r Computistical argumenta and table about termini lunae, regulares; diagram presenting in circles the duration of the solar year, the annus magnus, annus decennovenalis etc.

4v Blank.


21r-36r Cicero: Aratea 36v Ex opere ciceronis de astronomia Equibus hinc subter possis cognoscere fultum

Part 2 (ff. 43r–203v)

43r–203v A Germano-Roman Pontifical. See description at the BL catalogue.

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